Our processes and standards

Discovery and analysis

"Failing to plan is planning to fail" is the most apt quote when discussing any new project. Regardless of the project management methodology being implemented (we're more than happy to work with either waterfall or agile) there needs to be some level of planning before starting any development work. We'll go through a solid discovery and analysis process to ensure that you're going to get exactly what you're after when your project launches.

User interface development

Without a compelling user interface you're going to struggle getting your users to continue to return to your site or application. We go through multiple iterations of UX testing using various prototyping tools prior to even stepping into Photoshop or Sketch.

Web based responsive design

Gone are the days of having a separate mobile and desktop experience for your users (or even having no mobile experience at all). In order to provide a consistent experience across a wide range of devices responsive design is a must.

Standards compliant code

All of our code complies with the various standards that exist for the relevant platform. For the web, this is HTML5 and CSS3 standards set by W3C, which ensures that your project runs on the current major and last major versions of any given browser. For iOS and other non web platforms this means abiding by style guides set by Google, Apple and the various languages.

Source code and version control

All of our projects are hosted securely in our private git repositories allowing the team to work collaboratively on a project. We work with a modified version of Git Flow when creating new features and hotfixes to ensure the repository has a clean working copy of the project.

Testing and deployment

Testing is often overlooked in many projects, or seen as an after thought. Here at Bespohk, testing is seen as one of the most important aspects of the entire development process. Nothing from our projects makes it to a production environment without passing all associated unit tests and code coverage thresholds. To further reduce the chance of something going awry, all deployments (regardless of whether a project is web or iOS based) are handled via our build server.

Monitoring and ongoing support

Ongoing support is paramount to ensuring that your service and applications remain performant for your end users. We use a combination of error logging, log aggregation, performance monitoring and notifications to ensure the maximum stability of your platform.

Trusted suppliers

At Bespohk we pride ourselves on using only the best 3rd party providers, regardless of the technology stack. We'll never recommend that a client uses a particular service if we haven't vetted it ourselves previously.