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Mobile & Tablet

Whether it's a native iPhone, iPad, or even universal application, we can develop the application you need and take care of the entire App Store submission process.



With over 10 years of experience in all aspects of web development and design, we love nothing more than getting our hands dirty with some PHP, Python, HTML, CSS or Javascript.



The key to ensuring that your project succeeds lies in a good strategy. We'll work with you to help you take your project from an idea, right the way through to a fully functioning application or site.

Case Study

BeFIT - Exercise Tracking Made Simple

With the lack of clean, and simple to use fitness applications in the App Store, it was clear to the team at Bespohk that there was a market need for a new fitness application. Enter, BeFIT.

The team spent a number of weeks planning and scoping the functionality (as well as a planned roadmap for future versions), before starting on some initial prototype wireframes. Each revision of these prototypes was tested in the gym prior to any development commencing. This allowed the team to test multiple ideas without extending the timeframe of the project.

After the user experience had been solidified, it was a quick process to take the wireframes through to design, and finally to a functional iOS application to be tested by our beta testers using TestFlight.

After two minor adjustments needed by the App Store review process, the application went live in late July.

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BeFIT iPhone Mockup

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